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During sexual arousal, arterial blood flow to the clitoris is increased, and trabecular smooth muscle within the clitoris relaxes allowing blood to engorge the erectile tissues. Next time have her use latex or nitrile gloves for the manual sex and a hypoallergenic lube Pink lube or Emerita lube are both good in that departmentand see if you have the same response. Growths may cause the clitoris to appear unusual in size or shape. Certain conditions and infections can cause your vulva, which includes your clitoris and labia, to become temporarily inflamed. If no orgasm follows arousal, it can take hours or day for the clitoris to shrink.

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Talk to your doctor.

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She seriously needs to cut back on the steroids before that clit becomes a penis and shehas to shave her face twice a day. Spermatogenesis spermatogonium spermatocyte spermatid sperm Oogenesis oogonium oocyte ootid ovum Germ cell gonocyte gamete. There are many ways to stimulate the clitoris. Sexual arousal causes the clitoris to swell. FGM is recognized internationally as a violation of the human rights of women and girls.

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