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What's worse is that she is also ogled by Ash, Brock and Mikey while she is washing herself. Well, when Togepi hatched, it saw Misty first and so believed her to be its mother. Out of all of Ash's ever changing companions, Misty is the only one who is a fully three dimensional character. The many lines referencing Misty's hidden feelings for Ash were added to the English version of the script. That was exactly what prompted him to ask, "If I give this back to you, what do I get? Was this how hormones were supposed to feel? Aside from the play, there have been fanfics devoted to the relationship between the two characters.

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Instead, another Pokemon is her "star.

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Her eyelashes were long and curled deliciously up; they matched the soaked hair that was falling out of her high ponytail. In the games, however, Misty didn't have an Ash to pine for. July 18, 3: On Sunday afternoon, the hugely popular mobile game was released in Canada. She hid her body under the water, only her head visible over it and her fingers clutched tightly around the straps of her bikini bra.

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