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A person who thinks that they are above any laws. You think more of yourself than is present in your history. I was kind of thinking in terms of kazoo. It basically means a no holds barred talk where everything and anything can be discussed and the presumption is that no feelings will be hurt and that no ill-will will result. There is no such thing as 'woman-to-woman talk' per se but I would presume it to mean something on the lines of 'girl chat' where the latest gossip is talked about and new gossip spread. What's the meaning of "the drawers were dumped"?

You're like a man with a paper asshole

You Talk Like A Man With A Paper Asshole

Don't tell her we're going to the pub late tonight. And impossible when the baby is still in the womb. Defines him to a T? It would rip, or tear or just get water-logged and dissolve. It is of utmost importance that women are excluded, especially when they are the subject of man to man talk.

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