Masturbate while flacid

This still to this day gets me of not only the quickest literally knocking of 15minutes of the total time it takes to cum but it also feels better than any other method. You have no idea how amazing it is to see that link about TMS. It is as natural too us as blinking and breathing! I finally just got some porn and tried for hours to do it the normal way, to the point i pulled every muscle in my body i finally achieved it, it was hard mentally and physically. Share This Page Tweet.

You MUST tell him and work things out.

Masturbation while flaccid

I think i was around 4 years old when i started to get myself off That's not to say necessarily that, as far as the OP's boyfriend goes, his masturbation technique doesn't have something to do with the problem and not to say that it does, eitherbut I wouldn't treat it as the only possible explanation- and to be honest, from some of the details given in the question about him getting erections at other times, I'm sort of more inclined to think the problem is something psychological. Only difference is in 7th grade i started "normally" masturbating and do it once in a while. The most pleasurable is the way we have done it. Now why would this be?

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