Afghanistan facial hair

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Any style of facial hair is allowed to British police officers, as long as it is neatly trimmed. The present-day regulations of the Bundeswehr allow soldiers to grow a beard on condition that it be trimmed, unobtrusive and well-kept. Stubble is also considered unacceptable and controlled with severity. Military personnel are allowed to grow a beard or moustache only during periods when they are out of uniform. As one former resident of Khas Uruzgan recounted to local researchers, "I went to Spin Boldak to save my dignity.

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More recently, the British Army has been seen sporting a full range of stubble, moustaches and beards in Afghanistan in an effort to blend in with the generally bearded Afghan men, for whom a beard is seen as a sign of virility and authority.

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Facial hair in the military

Jillian Angeline Multimedia Journalist. Retrieved 28 November More from Foreign Policy. Joshi of the Indian Navy with a five o'clock shadow. It focuses not only on the fight against terrorist groups in the Middle East, but also on the implications for the region and the world. Stubble, however, is not allowed. Beards are not allowed in the Syrian Army.

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afghanistan facial hair
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afghanistan facial hair
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