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The local mesh section of the target and projectile is shown in Fig. The residual velocity of c and c failed to measure. The mortar was simplified as a homogeneous material, and the pore structure in the mortar was ignored. The resistance of part 1 in the rock target was significantly higher than that of part 1 in the concrete target. Original Articles Study of the anti-penetration performance of concrete with different coarse aggregate content. Compared with the crater law, the penetration depth changed only slightly under the same condition and the influence regularity of coarse aggregate was stronger. Int J Impact Eng 21 6:

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R g is affected by the mortar type, but when the mortar type is the same and the volume fraction of the coarse aggregate is different, R g is constant.

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When the voids volume fraction was the highest when the coarse aggregate content was the highestthe radial crack was not observed, the crater surface bypassed the coarse aggregate, and the crater diameter was greatly reduced. Int J Impact Eng Int J Solids Struct 34 31— The penetration depth is calculated by substituting the static resistance stress calculated by Eq. After the crater stage, the deceleration of a rigid ogive-nose projectile penetrating into a semi-infinite concrete target at medium speed approaches a constant Rosenberg and Dekel, ; Frew et al. In deep penetration, the penetration resistance mainly depended on the plastic properties of the concrete under high pressure, which was more stable relative to the brittle properties of the crater. Resistance of double-layer reinforced HPC barriers to projectile impact.

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bal listic penetration in cement
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bal listic penetration in cement
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