Do people really have multiple orgasms

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This idea of stimulating a woman's body via a diverse mix of techniques has been championed before. The clitoris should be placed on equal standing with the penis. At this point, women and men diverge. Belgrade, Serbia, has a wild nightlife scene, with clubs on barges and a burgeoning craft beer scene. All these prescriptions can combine for as pleasing an outcome as an orgasm, single or multiple.

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This scene will be familiar because it has been enacted ever since sex was allowed onscreen.

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The search for the multiple orgasm - does it really exist?

What a great thought. Related stories by this author. I prescribe better knowledge: When women have had that part of the anterior wall excised, they have still been able to orgasm. It will be visible, spectacular, satisfying.

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do people really have multiple orgasms
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do people really have multiple orgasms
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