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Ling-Ling's abilities include eye-beams, generating spheres of destructive energy with his hands, growing spines and claws when angered, detaching his tail and using it as a sword, secreting an addictive psychotropic drug from his skin when disappointed, and being able to sew almost anything out of raw materials high-end sneakers, working televisions, etc. Foxxy agrees and manages to round up everyone except Clara, who has been killed. He later became good friends with Wooldoor. Though she is tolerant and supportive of her gay housemate Xandir I noticed myself giggling a few times in this one, mostly for Ling Ling.

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Foxxy attempts to find out the truth about Sweetcake, but ends up being captured.

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Drawn Together

He is always seen wearing a green shirt with diagonal stripes, white pants, and sunglasses. Archived from the original on Meanwhile, Spanky forces Ling-Ling into slavery by making bootleg sneakers using a sewing machine for an NBA competition. Captain Hero is desperate to hang out with the Cool Kids, but cannot until Foxxy, who is one of them, gives him a chance to join them. A Terminator tries to stop Wooldoor's new children's show from turning the world gay after Clara alerts it of this problem, causing Wooldoor to go on the run, with the aid of Xandir, who is from the 'gay future', caused by Wooldoor's show, while the Terminator befriends Captain Hero.

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drawn together prinzessin clara hot
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drawn together prinzessin clara hot
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  1. Lol. IOt's just funny he says get out of his room and there's a pink lava lamp some tea lights and shit. Like thats a dudes room...get the fuck outta here lol,