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Mother-of-three Samantha Marshall says she thought Andy Telford was her 'knight in shining armour'. As I mentioned further up on this page, in general, ejaculating is not always something people can always voluntarily control. Skip to main content. While it appears that this kind of ejaculation is a function of the paraurethral glands like the Skene's glands which comes through the urethra -- the same place we urinate -- and the fluid is a lot like urine, enough research has been done which finds this fluid to be very different from urine, even though it's possible some elements of urine are in the mix. And if you or a partner don't want to sleep in a big wet spot, you'll want to put some towels down first.

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If we're going to have multiple partners in life, then we've got to be down with the understanding that sexuality differs among people a lot, and what one partner enjoyed or we enjoyed with them may or may not be something that will go on with another. If you want more information on this kind of ejaculation, I'd suggest looking up Deborah Sundahl's work, including her book, Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot. Three rushed to hospital after gunman opens fire Metropolitan Police officers have cordoned off the scene of the shooting in the Edmonton area of Enfield borough, north London. Why can some people with vulvas ejaculate while others cannot? Writing for Bored PandaMr Pocej said: He provides updates on his work on his Facebook page. Do you have info about this?

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