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The third video of the series "Guardians of the Rainforest" picks up where the second video leaves off and begins with demonstrations of making ceramics, extracting dyes for body painting, making body piercings, imbibing a spiritual tea, shamanism, and several ceremonies. THIS woman quit her job and left the bright lights of London for the Amazon jungle on a journey that would change her life forever. Will they have the mental strength to make it 21 days? To learn about the most recently contacted tribe in the Amazon, please see our new essay on the Korubo Indians, also known as the "Caceteiros" or "Head-Bashers. Sarah back in London at the film showing, far away from her tribe in the jungle. However, even a simple task can end in a medical emergency. However afterwards, the Amazonia experienced years of violence, exploitation, and disease, that wiped out most of the original Amazon tribes.

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Prior to the arrival of colonialists from Europe and first contact in sixteenth century, the Amazon River Basin had a population estimated at having up to a five million people and perhaps more than a five thousand Amazon tribes.

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Sarah Begum is now Queen of the Amazon

Adventuress Sarah Begum travelled to the heart of the Ecuadorean jungle on a mission to make a film about the tribes she would encounter. Consequently, they tend to speak Portuguese and have developed a material culture that is adapted to their semi-arid environment. Rubber pods in the outsole deliver functional grip. Sarah formed a special bond with the local tribe. The fourth Matis video "The Shaman's Way" continues with teaching viewers about indigenous Amazonian shamanism which is illustrated through various ceremonies and rituals. Only one proves successful.

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