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Carmela pausing, drawing herself up before replying: They are disappointed when she does not allow them to use her room for sex. They are slightly appalled when A. He continues his affair with Gloriawho, unbeknownst to Tony, has a suicidal past and an unhealthy relationship streak. Let me ask you a question: You want to know? Gandolfini was one of the great male leads of our time, if not the greatest.

They are slightly appalled when A.

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Tony wears his size well, both as a mafia don and as a regular old mid-life crisis dude-bro cheating on his wife. Road to Respect Pinball game. Carmela gets up and leaves the room, and Tony sits alone trying to comprehend what he just heard, and the music track fades in with the words: Iler was promptly arrested for possession of marijuana and armed robbery. Ralph teaches Jackie how to make the perfect spaghetti while simultaneously advising him on what type of gun he should have.

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