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Now before I received the cataclysm of comments stating that "Mallow isn't technically a gym leader" by all you guys who have nothing else to do with your day, let me begin by telling you this: Maylene can be found in her gym, that is literally a gym, in Sinnoh in Diamond and Pearl. I voted for Claire. Ignore Posts by PlatinumDude. Ignore Posts by YungKnowledge.

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Lanistae Jacet [Lies of a Trainer].

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Legends say or more like internet says that her psychic powers hinder her ability to communicate verbally. Puny Trainer, how good to see you've made it here! Let us welcome another childlike gym leader to populate our list don't trust the picture, guys. Then, you may challenge me! I actually think Elesa is the best-looking. The fact that she doesn't even know what to tell you when you talk to her is adorable, and hardly reflective of her supposed impulsive and confident personality.

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pokemon sexy gym leaders toples
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pokemon sexy gym leaders toples
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