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Inexpert piercers frequently place the VCH too close to the edge of the hood. And just because you can do something doesn't mean you should do something. Is this normal or what do you suggest I do? You should be waiting at minimum four two weeks before sexual activity again, more like six weeks to be sure that everything is good to go. I can usually see through this thin flesh during the piercing. You need to wait for it to fully heal, a month MINIMUM depending on the type she gets, before resuming sexual activity assuming you want to responsibly heal the piercing. Which sucks, since that would probably be gentle enough to not cause damage depending on technique.

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As stated in the other comments, you should follow proper healing guidelines, but to be honest, after the first two weeks you can resume gentle!

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My VCH Piercing and sex

Should I be concerned or is this just healing. However, I bend, squat, and lift a lot a work, as well as ride horses. I think the only real iffiness is if the anatomy is suited for it on the woman and if it winds up doing anything for her or not. Even if the inverted V rests to the side, the piercing can still be made in the center of the hood. My standard procedure is to use a needle receiving tube NRT under the hood.

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sex met een hoodpiercing
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