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At this point, she's already called Josh to come pick her up, and he leaves to go to Gen's house. In the book, Margot breaks up with Josh so she doesn't have a boyfriend when she goes to the University of St. Stay away from hot tubs. To further illustrate how tentative that initial magic could be, Johnson recalled the marked difference between shooting their sweet first kiss and shooting their final kiss on the field: The thought did flash across my mind: The soundtrack to To All The Boys I've Loved Before ties heavily into the film, featuring songs that brilliantly capture each tender and emotional moment.

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With one of them being written for her sister's boyfriend, Josh Israel BroussardCovey pretends to date Peter Kavinsky Noah Centineo to show Josh that she doesn't love him.

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We had no regard for the inherent pregnancy risk of sitting in a hot tub and also having unprotected sexual intercourse in that same hot tub. Wait, could I get pregnant from making out in a hot tub and then having sex in it? When Josh comes over for dinner in the movie, he surprises Margot with a plane ticket he bought to visit her in Scotland. This is the song that plays when Lara Jean and Peter K walk into the cafeteria with his hand in her back pocket. When Lara Jean sees him, she launches herself towards Peter and kisses him on the track. A video of Peter and Lara Jean kissing in the hot tub goes viral. The book is the first in a trilogy, so it doesn't end with Peter and Lara Jean back together.

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boy and girl hot tub kissing
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boy and girl hot tub kissing
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