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Freddie tried not to sound disappointed as he said "alright Sam" and moved to her towel. Now, all he could think about was Carly in her bathrobe, and what she looked like outside of it. He felt a rush unlike any masturbation he'd ever committed. Freddie was having a very difficult time preventing his boner from reemerging. Carly first licked the outside of the condom, slurping up her own pussy juices, which she then transferred to Freddie by kissing him. Freddie slowly eased his tongue into Carly's mouth and started exploring the inside of her mouth. Sam and I may be fighting but I at least owe some help to Carly.

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Carly was first overpowered by the scent of his and Sam's session, and as much as it upset her, she was unbelievably turned on by the scent.

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iCarly (2007-2012) Nude Scenes

It will be fun. Her moans from his pussy eating sent strong vibrations from her mouth into his rock hard cock. But, why did you ask if I planned all of this? Finally, she went for the sense that she was most afraid of having: Carly was at the other side of the door, now wearing a tight gray tank top which her blossoming breasts were bulging out of, and had on a pair of sweatpants.

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