With the network off, screen dimmed, power set to ‘Power saver’ then getting 5 or so hours, watched part of a movie, did some email, read a few docs, edited a few pictures, wrote this blog item etc.. Log in to Reply. March 10, at I loaded all of my programs and libraries to the larger drive when win7 was on the 8G, but I still ran out of space. Other instructions are perfect.

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I have windows7 running good on my PC March 10, at I was then able to install Asus Update and then able to update the bios to Thank you very much, sir! Springboard from mortarboard to onboard says: I did it on the HE version and it worked perfectly fine.

So copy the bios file from the Asus support site onto a usb. Battery life is around 5 hours on my 6 cell. Any advice on how you set up your drives? Also be sure to install the “Update for Windows 7” and run Windows Update after the network drivers are installed!! But there is another option on the program to instal from a file and this works well and quickly.


Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. LAN traffic slow, wifi works as expected.


March 11, at 2: Will this guide work for eee pc HA? Turn off Acpk write-cache buffer flushing on the device ensure you read the warning!! Post a Comment Cancel Reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Gadgets anywhere on your desktop. This device also controls the eee PC specific hotkeys.

Windows 10 on an eeePC H? – bobp’

Windows 7 actually detects more hardware directly after install than Windows XP does. I figured this would be a good time to make a guide specifically for you in the same situation as I was. The E7 blog The Windows 7 Blog for Developers for deep technical wcpi Enjoy Windows 7 beta 1 on your Aacpi and be sure to send your feedback to the product group via the “Send Feedback” links scattered across most parts of the OS.

Other instructions are perfect. The eye candy, yup, I know, shallow, but the built-in themes are beautiful, love the Australian theme and I assume themes will be available by region. A lot of guides will tell you you have to run compact on the drive. Extract it and install it. The installation is actually remarkably straight forward. Windows Update once a week: March 17, at 4: Just a note about the bios update.


Tweaks Bar the changes listed below everything else is as default – Super Fetch running, Aero running – Aero auto switches off when on battery and Power Saver mode selected. January 13, at 6: There are a ton of great reviews on the web about Windows 7 and this entry is more about my experiences on the ASUS Eee PC, acpl a quick summary of the cool stuff I like: Once the driver installs, for me I got a blank screen and I had to hard reboot.

There are no Windows 7 drivers for the HA on the Asus support site — just the bios for Windows 7.