Dumping on PS3 console or PC work equally well. This would be a visual example of what are you looking for. Do you already have an account? Otherwise, the ISO that you create will be incorrect decrypted. Yes, my password is: It is always in the format:. The user manual is included in the archive.

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PS3 3K3Y Game Ripper Board

The user manual is included in the archive. We are working to add support for these PS3’s but you are adviced to consult with your reseller if you are in doubt whether your PS3 is compatible with 3k3y or not.

BerionJun 19, It is installed between rlpper genuine Bluray drive and the PS3 motherboard.

Note about dumping PS3 kiosk discs: Dumping guide for PS3 discs. This can only be done on ps3 console that are on CFW at the moment and that can run a pkg file that dumps your drive rkpper which is then loaded onto your micro sd card.

Rioper is NOT that. Dumping on PS3 console or PC work equally well. The 3k3y is a DVD drive emulator. Yes, my password is: Jun 14, Messages: Views Page Discussion View source History.


This application works only on fw 3. Share This Page Tweet. Kiosk discs have 3ky keys, so key extraction is neither necessary or possible.

The toolstamp is a very small piece of text usually at the end of the Mastering Code. The ripper needs a dvd drive to rip the discs. He need at least Blu-Ray drive There is a new 3k3y screen which has more ports, cost more, and needs an external power source for more power.

Otherwise, the ISO that you create will be incorrect decrypted. No, create an account now. If you already have a compatible PS3, then that’s the cheapest path. So my LG is compatible.

3K3y Ripp3r Download (Free) –

How database contain contributions? Please choose any of the options above next to rippper add to cart button. You can do this before buying the product. Easy install on both Fat and Slim. I have assumed he uses CFW because of mention of drive key reader which works only on 3.

Note about dumping PS3 betas: One great feature we have been playing with is the ability to maniulate certain ISOs after they have been dumped to make them region free. Note that the text is often mirrored, so make sure you don’t copy the code backwards.


PS3 3K3Y Game Ripper Board

I don’t want contribute anything, I don’t have time for it, I just asking because I’m curious in what form disc image is held in database.

Several games can be backed up to a single USB media, making it ideal as a ‘jukebox’ for hardcore gamers as well as for families with children too young to handle bluray discs with appropriate care.

You have have one from your Xk3y you can use this, it allows you to see the status of the 3k3y at all times, and choose your ISo files from here. Once the key has been extracted the PS3 can be updated to any official or custom firmware.