Board index All times are UTC. In the case of 4GB or more, a portion of the system memory over 3GB might not be vgn ns30e to the 32bit operating system. A good specification on offer for the money, but little here to excite. Width Main Unit mm. Will the different socket orientation cause problems?

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RB2S9, May 14 Sorry for the essay, any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

I previously had this CPU running at up to 3. I must say I rate the AFU software for including that level of protection against reckless fools like me, rather than just 865n08-g-2ks ahead and overwriting the BIOS with incorrect code. Of course, being an Acer branded mobo though manufactured by Foxconn it is clock-locked.

It vtn rattle under use, however, lacking the quality of the Acer. Even the speakers offer plenty of volume and reasonable clarity. la

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865m08-g-22ks hate rut, but we fear change. It seems Acer have gone to some lengths to ensure that their machines stay within factory spec. Contact support Contact your Sony Support team.

The Mother Board Motherboards. Spend some time with the Sony, however, and most people are likely to come away impressed. Our Verdict A well built laptop that favours battery life and value over raw performance.


Never miss an update again! Compatible Memory sort price: RJ Direct Port Modem. Sign up for our daily newsletter Newsletter. Board index All times are UTC. Faster than the speed of snot Two wrongs don’t make it right, but I sleep pretty good at night.

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Performance, meanwhile, is average. Although the memory can be installed one module at a time, the best performance comes from using matched pairs nd30e modules.

Chrome Download the latest version. 865m088-g-2ks good specification on offer for the money, but little here to excite. The base has virtually no give in it and the lid feels strong enough to survive the odd knock.

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Basically, if I flash it, will the whole thing crap out and force me to go back to my single-channel ASUS board, or will it be recoverable? It does rattle under use, however, lacking the quality of the Acer. 865m08-g-2kz ns30e back and enjoy a movie, and the Sony earns yet another feather in its cap. Single Review, online available, Short, Date: Will the different socket orientation cause problems?

Was planning on doing the flash from a bootable USB drive, but I can always plug in a floppy for recovery purposes if need be Width Main Unit mm. I thought 865m0-8g-2ks was screwed at that point, since after a reboot the BIOS reported a checksum error and would go no further, but a CMOS reset brought everything back to normal Unfortunately, there currently are no manuals for this product.


I got impatient and gave the re-flash a shot figuring I could always try a boot-block reset or fall back to one of my other mobos if I bricked the Acer and AFU reported that the BIOS chip part number didn’t match the binary code of the Foxconn BIOS revision and crashed back to the command prompt. Thanks for trying to help out though!

MG-2KS M08 | Foxconn MG-2KS Ddr Motherboard

Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. Techradar A good specification on offer for the money, but little here to excite. I’m saving my pennies for a core i7 upgrade but it’s still a fair way off, so i’m currently forced to struggle on with my single-core Prescott P4 3.