One of our members was completely horrified so much that she threatened to leave the server. What does it print out? SetSpritePosition 2, xPos, Sync ; if agk:: Why am I still here? This is why you have not been seeing AGK episodes from me. SetVirtualResolution , ; agk::

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Sometimes it sounds like both opponents keybowrd hitting each other with one. I’m still using this. We have anatomy testers here for whatever reason.

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Violation of rules would also mean that you want this community to die. I hope you enjoy, everyone.

Never has this ever happened against an AGK Community. Only post things related to AGK. DeleteSprite 2 ; if agk:: As ofI have now been aggk to art and stuff like that, as well as having a huge desire to focus on other projects.

Do not confront another user about something they did or said in a different thread. But then he kryboard coming back with different accounts. Check out my channel to keep up with all the shit I’m posting! Whenever a parody has him waiting for his computer to load, he will sometimes threaten to destroy the keyboard if it doesn’t load up quickly.


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Why am I still here? I’ve heard of some web browsers being inconsistent in their handling of KeyPress events for the escape key, so maybe something similar is going on here. Here’s the full test program: This is what private messaging is for Repeated violations of our rules will get you banned from this community.

Hm that’s very strange Leopold’s Keyboard – Many different Varieties of Leopold’s keyboard are detailed here. I have a good news, everyone. No hateful stuff against AGK.

Welcome to the Angry German Kid Community! Don’t remove other people’s posts and comments unwillingly.

Leopold back with keyboard.png

About games slightly off-topic. This sockpuppet incident is way worse than Haris. I learnt new techniques in video editing, such as keyframing, video effects, etc. Looks like you’ve reached the end.

And never let drama like this drag you to hell. DeleteImage 1 ; if agk:: This is why you have not been seeing AGK episodes from me.


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If a video is played backwards, Leopold will scream in pain as if the keyboard is on fire. I have no idea to be honest. So, I should finish my school tasks before it or else the situation will keybkard worse. You got it wrongyou should not loop yourself inside app:: It is scary to think if he also has the ability to track our locations.