Ask me what I have available, used or unused, and a price. Also, here are power supply model numbers we are aware of: Also, see the collectables section for an IW I in its original box! Price depends on condition and cosmetics. Macintosh computers functioned equally well with any Postscript printer. The LS controller is not customer-removable.

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Vintage Apple LASERWRITER II M Printer | eBay

We no longer carry these printers. Views Read Edit View history. Paladin Interactive Television Box Pippin. This number is for advertising only.

Laserwriter, Stylewriter, Imagewriter printers

Low-budget thermal printer has print, ribbon problems”. Printer shipping weight 40 lbs. I installed the Cyrillic font on my PowerBook c, selected the LaserWriter via the Chooser, and started to print out lasrwriter document. Shipping weight 19 lbs.

Vintage Apple LASERWRITER II M6000 Printer

We will warrent inkjet printers for good print and good paper feed. Color Stylewriter “portable” inkjet printer.


For Color Stylewriter and alserwriter We no longer have this in stock. A few days after I emailed things back my client contacted me again.

StyleWriter inkjet printer. We generally don’t see many of these, but users of very old Macs laserwiter System 5 or 6 still ask for this printer. Has PC type parallel port, Appletalk port, and network Ethernet port.

The StyleWriter was the first of Apple’s line of inkjet serial printers, targeted mainly towards consumers. February 26, at 3: Follow this link to see our supplies of inkjet cartridges. We have a few of these in stock. Uses same print cartridges and ink containers as model, may print a little faster. Looks like the Stylewriter II and Sales of the laswrwriter product were unsurprisingly poor.

September 6, at 4: This is about the same as the difference between USB 1. Why not call it ink?

Portable printerholds a few sheets of paper, uses Stylewriter black print laserwgiter. I turned off the printer, had a glass of wine or threeand mailed the pages back to my client.


Vintage Apple LASERWRITER II NT M6000 Laser Printer

Finally, you must install the new cleaning pad, and then aapple the upper section of your Apple LaserWriter II. There are additional notes on another Web page about Ethernet networking and Apple printers.

PostScriptDiablo Adam, just picked up a LWII!!! I inherited it when my office upgraded to newer Mac equipment, but I have never used it. You may laserwritdr to find a repair service who will accept it as a trade-in. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. While most old formats can be converted, a few are rare or restricted enough that the only options available are taking screen snapshots or printing to hardcopy.