Wed May 30, 2: Searching online reveals a similar story – anyone have any ideas? Had no problems with windows 7, plugged the drive in on the first Sata port did a clean install of windows, was up and running within a few mins. A smidgen out of alignment and no video upon boot. Either that or I have shares in Seagate. Yeah, not a big deal I can easily reinstall and unplug the other drives.

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Solved: P5N-E SLI and ACHI not supported – Crucial Community

Wed May 30, 3: What may happen is, that the “clean” installed Win10 does not have appropriate drivers for all nForce devices.

I hope its a good one! Once again appreciate your help. This was a brand new drive that I formatted before the install. Asu enter a reason for warning.

Dec 5, 4. I had no problem installing vertex 2e 60GB on the p5n-e. I have this exact board. Partition will be properly aligned if you do a fresh Win7 install and format the drive during the installation.


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Do you already have an account? Which of the drivers affect the PCIEx1 and x16 slots, if any? I did a fresh install of Windows 7 on my Wife’s PC and it seemed fine. You can find the various nForce chipset devices within different sections of the Device Manager: I have ahcci additional tips for you. Either that or I have shares in Seagate. I don’t know what the problem you’re having with Storage Exec is but I would imagine aci a compatibility issue with nforce, since it’s a long defunct chipset brand?

Wli and windows both detected it fine. Wed May 30, 5: Apr 2, Posts: Tue May 29, 8: Fri Sep 21, 7: It’s probably a SATA mode issue. Fernando Show info Posts:. Yeah, not a big deal I can easily reinstall and unplug the other drives. Is there anything else I need to do? Dec 5, 2.

Well, maybe I’m crazy. O5n-e I don’t think windows setup has any way to explicitly tell it what is the boot drive. This post does not match the desired netiquette of the Forum. Wed May 30, 2: If you have RAID support, that will typically include queuing support and can be enabled for one drive.


Asus P5N-E SLI AHCI SSD upgrade – The Corsair User Forums

Although there is no setting in the bios for AHCI from what I could tell – maybe it was shci disguised though. Wish I had the cash.

That would be a good idea, if you want a better SSD performance. Has anyone had the same problem and resolved it.