I have this problem. This version of the script supports 2. Bad fd number Is there a solution for this? After all, It’s worked for others from what I could see. Will it give me GUI boost?

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This got my rage mobility gaphics with direct rendering going a treat. There isn’t even an xorg folder. Anyhoot, any advice would be wonderful!

Was trying to reinstall old driver and kill ati driver at all X game you might want to try, if you want an adventure game, is Blade Runner.

Is it possible to install them for usage with machdevice? I’ve got a Dell Inspiron Mhz ‘Celly’ ‘lappy’, with the same video card.

I got the same error while trying to install the common files, too. If so, can you post the steps you took? I hope you didn’t have to actually recompile the kernel: How do I determine the right paths mobillty the installation? Load “dri” Load “glx” I guess the mach64 series are a little outdated by now. Direct rendering is enabled but 3d-accelerated applications hangs the PC.


It can be fixed by reinstalling the xserver-xorg-video-ati package I’m on Edgy.

DriverMax – Display Adapters – ATI – RAGE MOBILITY-M1 AGP 2X Drivers Download

Thank you for the great guide! You say the new kernel gives trouble?

Was not able to get it successfully working with Jaunty, but I was able to get it working multiple times in Debian Lenny. I have no idea. Have you looked at gOS.

What kinda games can I run on a Rage Mobility M1 8MB Lappy?

I did one bummer though – not getting the kernel headers correctly. I have formatted the XP installed on it and i am trying encourage her to use Xubuntu.

Kernel modules deb-Packages for Ubuntu Hardy. Heh, same thing as: I have self-compiled kernel 2.

Display Adapters – ATI – RAGE MOBILITY-M1 AGP 2X Drivers Download

Is there a way to test this? I recomend the guide http: What is the best way to get fage to compile against this kernel? Org whereas I’m still using XFree Now when I try to load it, I get the same complaint Invalid module format bu now dmesg says: Ultimately, I guess if you regularly run resoltions higher thanthis is a useless mod, and if you don’t play 3d ato or 3d screensavers, it is a questionable mod, since you’ll need to do this all over again any time the kernel updates as part of the distro.


I think BG2 would run higher, but I haven’t bothered trying. If any error at restart like “ati driver not found”just reinstall xserver-xorg-video-ati package and restart again. Also I can see this black-box artefact in GL-screensavers Settings in another place, near left from screensaver.

Now that Feisty has been released, I expect new kernels will be released less frequently, but the same problem remains: