Share This Page Tweet. So naturally my thoughts turned to replacing the stock woofers with Audax aerogels. At lower frequencies where large impedance resonant peaks occur to absolutely all loudspeaker systems up to 40 or more Ohms! No, create an account now. Log in or Sign up. Its ‘healing’ properties can easily be understood in the following impedance graph: Crossover freq and efficiency fit the 8″ woofer pretty well.

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Thus Mylo was enhanced with an exceptional sonic purity in the frequency range Hz where enclosure standing waves and vent resonances dominate the vast majority of other speaker designs. The enclosure material selected, was a high-density 22mm thick MDF.

Vent emissions were kept to a minimum outside auda tuning frequency as illustrated in the following picture: The picture above depicts the anechoic SPL response of a Mylo speaker on tweeter axis, at a distance of 1m, for 2.

No smoothing is applied to this measurement.

AUDAX 80mm bas-mid drivers. Many greek DIYers constructed these speakers.

Your name or email address: Looks okay on paper. Drawings and Assembly Instructions. SPL response cutoff frequencies -3dB: We wouldn’t agree more!


MTZ Audio staff has got an extensive experience on amplifier design hence regards the nature of a speaker’s complex impedance very critical for amplifier feedback operation.

Audax aerogel woofer- opinions?

You must log in or sign up to reply here. Intermodulation distortion artifacts never appear in SPL measurements.

IEC standard was never revised despite the strong criticism by many researchers and designers involved in the amplification case. Driver and cabinet data were input to our simulation software LFA v5. No, create an account now.

The idea is simple: A few words on impedance.

MTZ Audio – Mylo I

The aerogel cone material made Audax drivers famous for their naturalness, openness and transparency in the mid-frequencies. Share This Page Tweet. TWA0 – 25mm textile dome tweeter. An old audio proverb says: You can find substitute table for old Audax drivers below. Based on their HDA material HMZ0 is a high quality mm midrange driver with very good linearity and low coloration and distorsion. A detailed circuit schematic follows right below: It takes more than a desired SPL curve to really design a speaker system.


Audax auxax woofer- opinions?

Prestige – Aerogel Membrane

The program has several other fine tweeters, among these true high-end drivers with damped double chamber etc.

We all know that amplifier specs are measured across laboratory resistive loads of 4 or 8 Ohms. Bullet tweeter 20mm coil – 40W – dB mm o. Aerogdl there are a lot of opinions on the room area a speaker can ‘load’ effectively, MTZ Audio people have come to the conclusion that the optimum room area a pair of 6.

This sub-circuit is shown within the crossover network schematic just above. So naturally my thoughts turned to replacing the stock woofers with Audax aerogels.

Mylo’s impedance correction circuit is surely a decisive step towards sonic perfection, especially for those who do not own highly expensive amplifiers. Their satisfaction was more than rewarding for the people of MTZ Audio.