Furthermore, the user can be notified at the end of communication. Created and last modified by Michael Lundell on Mar 23, Interruptible Sequences see below. Contents 1 Synopsis 1. If those return values are not sufficient user specific values can be defined by using the 6 least specific bits.

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It provides services for reading from and writing to devices connected via SPI busses. This parameter contains the maximum number of data buffers in case of IB Channels and only.

This parameter allows or not this Sequence to be suspended by another one.

This information shall be published by the supplier of this software module. If a Job contains more than one Channel, all Channels contained have the same Job properties during communication and shall be linked together statically. But watch out, if you use SC3 or SC4 e. A sequence references several jobs, which are executed during a communication sequence. A Channel is defined aufosor time but it could belong to several Jobs according to the user needs and aytosor software specification.

Hi guys, good conversation. Documentation for Arccore Autosar 4 solution version 4.


Serial Peripheral Interface – SPI protocol – Sandeep’s Blog on AUTOSAR

Allowed Channel Buffers, which is selected. A Job has an assigned priority. SPI is a full-duplex protocol but can be configured as per the requirement.

Parameters starting with Arc are ArcCore extensions to the module. Allowed Channel Buffers 1. All data needed to configure one SPI-sequence. So it should not confuse that the ISR function has different name as configured by you. These Jobs belong to the same Sequence ID 0. The intention of the Mixed Sequences feature is to provide a software module with specific asynchronous mechanisms, if, for instance, very long Sequences that could or should be suspended by others with higher priority are used.

Set the CS active at the beginning of Job; maintain it until the end of all Channels belonging to this Job afterwards set the CS inactive.

All data needed to configure one SPI-channel. Priority order of jobs shall be from the lower to the higher value defined, higher value higher priority from 0, the lower to 3, the higher, limited to 4 priority levels. I don’t want to write bytes everytime, do I?

Serial Peripheral Interface – SPI protocol

This could be the case for ECU with a lot of functions related to SPI networks having different priorities but also for ECU using external devices with different speeds.


Otherwise, this feature should be simulated by software.

General configuration settings for SPI-Handler. If the parameter i s not set, the SpiChannel uses the driver also in an asynchronous way. Maybe there’s a work around to this issue which Renesas or Vector can suggest.

Please suggest some sources. Each Sutosor shall have an associated index which is used for specifying the order of the Channel within the Job. Jobs linked in a Sequence shall have decreasing priorities. Example of CS handling: Yes A sequence references several jobs, which are executed during a communication sequence. A Job is composed of one or several Channels with the same Chip Select is not released during the processing of Job.

I do not see any API dedicated to it, so I was bit skeptical.