But, I have to switch back to the Realtech drivers if I leave Reaper in order to hear any other audio. It is interesting from where that comes. Find More Posts by nofish. Send a private message to Rick Settle. I tried hooking up my guitar directly into the unit, but nothing happened.

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Yeah, but it lead me to the download of the Asio4All driver. On most driver download sites, you get some “.

Versatility The UCA features two analog mono inputs for connecting any line-level device, such as a mixer or tape deck, and two analog mono outputs for connecting active speakers or studio monitors.

Unless you are using a very high end laptop you are not going to be able to do low latency as laptops are usually not great as recording workstations.


This means monitoring is enabled, so you should be able to hear your guitar through your headphones. Before that happens, has anyone run into something similar? Of making stuff, not troubleshooting! But still quite a stupid problem.

I got my behringer uphoria um2 audio interface today and I’m trying to get it set up on Reaper. Make sure your guitar and your headphones are connected to the umc, not your computer. I’m sure there’s another question like this but I’ve been searching for answers for hours and I’m tired and annoyed as hell. Unlike audio interface, all that working without computer. Calgary, AB, Canada Posts: So, I brought an adapter for my interface, and it’s plugged in, but sadly there’s still no sound.


Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? All times are GMT behrinher Essentials Only Full Version. Anyone else encountered this strange problem? Also you will be monitoring from the headphone jack on your Behringer.

Realtek/Behringer ASIO drivers clash? – Cockos Incorporated Forums

Send a private message to rustyStrings. I have a BCF and its Windows “plug and play”. Behrringer a private message to MikeMcK. Send a private message to JamalPiper. I never heard of the Behringer setup program, so I’ll look for it on the website.

Behringer ASIO drivers disappeared…

Forum Themes Mobile Progressive. All that has quite low quality, but it is in balance with the quality of sounds I produce on all instruments may be except piano It might be worth noting that Asio4All worked worse. The Behringer Asio driver works natively in reaper. Its been running smoothly since I changed the power saving setting for USB.

Only thing is and it’s a big “only thing” that Windows stopped recognizing the UCA as a generic USB audio device, and i can’t use it anymore to play MP3s, system sounds etc.



But in my case, the computer in question is a dedicated DAW, so for now, I can certainly live with this limitation. Axio More Posts by Rick Settle. What is going on with Behringer? Reaper subscribe benringer 10, readers 40 users here now For users of the music software Reaper: These drivers had some strangeness: Man, update you interface firmware to the last version provided by behringer in their official page, I had the umc with the same issues and all were solved with that update.

The only guess I have: