Microcode executes the SetInterruptMask command issued at item number 13, above. It uses the motion vectors in the bit- stream to select a predictor from the previously decompressed frames stored in the local DRAM. Within the vertical active region, Display-time interrupts may be generated at the end of each block row displayed, as shown in Figure Get the latest drivers for your video card Step 6: In addition to initialization of the above registers, the following opera- tions are performed on initialization or Reset:

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The information presented for each signal in- cludes the signal mnemonic and name, type input, output, or bidirec- tionaland description.

C-Cube Microsystems Drivers

In general, the host software will have better performance if the polling loop is moved up because the microapplication’s acceptance of the new macro command will occur in parallel with the host’s next processing task.

The microapplication should be loaded and started by following the procedure f4 in Section All of that functionality comes at a memory premium.

The quantities which are set by this command are given in Table Although new interrupts INT pin transitioning to low cannot be generated during any of these conditions, it is pos- sible for the INT pin to remain active during these condi- tions.

Want to upgrade your video card on your PC or other devices? NewPacket commands do not “execute” in the same sense as other macro commands; instead, they are queued until the corresponding packet data has been decoded.

If the RDY interrupt is to be used by the host to control data transfers to the CL, the host must ensure that the latency between the times when the microapplication polls to determine if an RDY interrupt should be produced does not cause bitstream buffer underflow.


See the next section for an explanation of these signals. The CL then compares the pre- sentation time stamps PTSs associated with frames in the bitstream with the system clock counter to decide whether to display, skip, or re- display each frame.

Div System Clock Divisor bits The space between each group of four bits is for ease of reading only— these groupings do not indicate register fields. You are currently viewing LQ as a guest. The SIF source input format specification reflects these standards by defining two digital video formats: I-pictures provide potential random access points into the compressed video data. Finallyseveral macro commands can be used to implicitly load values into registers.

The least signifi- cant bit of each address is bit 0, and the most significant bit is bit After this command has executed, the host begins transmitting bitstream information and NewPacket macro commands in preparation for the next Scan command.

Figure shows the registers in the CPU. If Interrupt Status is 0, then all pending interrupts, if any, are posted to Interrupt Status and the INT pin is activated, if appropriate. Make sure that you are the Administrator Account!

Having a problem logging in? In the case in which the host is enabling new interrupts with Setlnter- ruptMaskO, interrupt events which occur between the time the com- mand is accepted and the time microsystwms is executed are not recognized, and therefore no corresponding interrupts are produced. All of these operations are asynchronous with respect to GCLK and, like the other access modes described in Sections 4.


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Measurements are made at 1. This error causes the microapplication to perform two actions. Register – its easy and free PeopleMarks You are not logged in. In this example, it occurs during a word read from the CL The host processor must clear this bit before initiating another software reset; Rst is not cleared automatically.

Consider a scene in which a door opens: Because of this, the times at which interrupts can be produced the domain for in- terrupts is restricted.

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In general, these registers should either be configured correctly as part of system initialization, or SetInterruptMask should be used to disable all CL interrupts while the registers are being modified. Note that for every four luminance values, there are two associated chrominance values: Once the function code and parameters are written, the microapplication takes these values and either immediately executes the operation corresponding to the function microsywtems or stores the complete macro command into the Command FIFO see Figure c-cuge later ex- ecution.

The MPEG standard takes advantage of this temporal redundancy by representing some pic- tures in terms of their differences from other reference pictures, or what is known as inter-picture coding.