Apple should stop making iPhone cases. I bought this phone since my awesome went kaput screen went blank after 2 years of being the original owner. Then came the Audiovox CDM It started its whole PMS-ing power problem just a few months after I got it and it went completely to hell very quickly. I thought it was something I did as that is what I was told by Verizon when I had to get it replaced last summer.

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Numeric keypad, Soft keys Battery Capacity: The camera flash is bright and steady. Volume and ring level not good in noisy areas. AMPS – Advanced mobile phone standard. If the camera is set to always use flash, it becomes a handy flashlight with just a press of the side photo button.

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It’s an average phone I made the mistake of buying this phone before reading reviews on it. I bought this phohe since my awesome phoone kaput screen went blank after 2 years of being the original owner.

I haven’t even put a case on it since I bought it and still the elements aren’t strong enough for this handy little phone. It does have the annoying habit of taking pictures in your pocket. If you’re a keyboard die-hard, the Key2 LE is an intriguing and affordable option thanks to the solid Android platform and productivity-boosting software from BlackBerry.


Stand-by time – As rated by manufacturer. For each communication channel, the signals are encoded in a sequence known to the transmitter and the receiver for that channel. I made the mistake of buying this phone before reading reviews on it.

Audiovox CDM-8910 / PM-8912 / Flasher V7

It’s got what most other phones have. Content on this site may not be ccm or republished without formal permission. Thinking it was just the car charger- since it still worked for the moment with the wall charger, I ignored this and happily drove on with my “new” phone. Over the next phonf weeks, we’ll experience the sights and sounds of celebrations across cultures.

My husband doesn’t like the newer flip phones because they are flimsy. Any cell phone at or below these SAR levels that is, any phone legally sold in the U. This phone has been a nightmare since day one. Cddm the broke college kid that I am I could not afford to get a whole new phone so Verizon conveniently offered me a discount on a refurbished model of the phone- minus the bat tery- for fifty bucks.

Here are the facts. I figured it was a bearable fix to deal with untilI could ohone a new free phone under their “New Every Two” program. Bulkier than the similar ;hone Asus ROG Phone Asus has for the most part contented itself with sticking to entry-level and mid-range smartphones.


Apple should stop making iPhone cases. The odd thing was that once I turned the phone back on it would go back to saying it was fully charged -until I tried to use it again.

Audiovox CDM – Silver (Unlocked) Cellular Phone | eBay

Every wireless phone device that is sold in the U. Audiovox may have claimed it was my fault. The Jitterbug Smart2 for GreatCall may be an Android smartphone, but the interface has been simplified so your older relatives can handle it. I found a local electronics repair place that actually sells a charger that connects through the data port!

Best Android photo and video apps. I thought the phone would at least make it through the eight months until I could get out of their ridiculous contract. I tried to compare this new charg er to others at the stores and even 9810 one from walmart but it didn’t work.

They cannot tell me it was something I did since after replacing it last August I have treated the thing with kid gloves and cannot recall dropping it a ddm time or exposing it to any extreme conditions.