Begin by clicking in the tool bar or in the lower right corner of the menu. Back up the video clips This chapter will show how to back up video clips to another storage device from your saved database. However, you will not lose track of which cameras detected movement, because once you minimize the popped up window, you will see that every camera that detected movement will have a red border. Follow the instructions below to set up audio recording for single camera. Real time display kit driver Installation Optional

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Exits the Video Tools setting window. Your manual failed to upload If the time set runs over two days, set them separately.

Set up site book: Page xl Set TV out when triggered: Fix on camera This button freezes motion on all other cameras, while this camera will continue to play. Set which video will be shown on TV when no more alert.


License Agreement Notice to end-user: You will be asked to confirm your desire to logout. Select a specific Witness Video card at the top of the window.

Click the Search button. Witness XP has a built-in IP address register function. Fit video display to window will enlarge the space taken by the sixteen video display window. Tell us what’s missing. Checking for or Uninstalling the Device Driver You can uninstall or inspect your device driver by doing xp-1400as following steps: Page 98 channels, save video files, and configure exactly how you want the program to work.

EZWatch Pro : Manual

Don’t see a manual you are looking for? Please see chapter Page 35 Step 2.

Click the icon to set up the recording schedule. Page 84 XP software.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

After you login, you can explore the system through the following buttons. Before you can do anything, you must login. Please refer to Select language, which you would like to installation, as Fig. Generally, device driver should be included in the PC system when completing installation.


Ameba Technology,

Select camera It will allow remote user to select, which camera s want to remote view. Customer Support 7.

To set the Auto-launch function, use the following steps: The video image zooms out at each click of the icon. Resolution You can select the resolution for preview and recording. Adjusting the sensitivity properly will filter out this movement.

Auto-Return Belt Drive Turntable CP-1400A

It must be matched your O. For example if your recording time is from 5: If you playback on Local Server, as shown on Fig. Click and you will see below window. This function is optional.