If files have been created in any of the installation directories then these directories will not be removed. If the distribution file has not been compacted at all i. What are the different methods for obtaining a license? Why do I get error “Data source name not found and no default driver specified”? Please shut down other Windows programs before installing.

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General – Licensing What happens to my licenses when I uninstall the product? During the installation, you are asked to answer some questions. Unix filenames may also be suffixed with.

If you read your email in Windows, this attachment will be visible but it will not work for licensing Unix eaasysoft of the software.

How do I restart the licensing procedure after I have quit the install? The remaining easyysoft options E-mail RequestPrint Request and View Request are all ways to obtain a license if your machine is offline i. What is a license key?

Other trademarks and registered trademarks appearing on easysoft. Enter y if you wish to provide remote ODBC access to your data.

If the distribution file has not been compacted at all i.

Only your license request identifier and contact details as they are eazysoft in the License Manager main screen are sent to Easysoft. Supported applications and interfaces include OpenOffice.


Applications – UniVerse Why do I get error “libodbc.

What is Easysoft Data Access for ISAM and how does it work?

If you have purchased the software and received an authorization code, select Non-expiring License and click Next:. Supported kdbc-isam and programming interfaces include ApplixWare, OpenOffice. To obtain a trial license, click Time Limited Trial and then click Next:. How do I upgrade my Easysoft license on Unix or Linux?

Choose the type of license you require, enter your machine number and then click Continue.

Easysoft Data Access

You can now download a file and begin the installation process. First time visitors must complete the new user form and click Register. Supported applications include OpenOffice. The Telephone and Facsimile fields are important if you require Easysoft to contact you by those methods. The View Existing Licenses option will not display any license you obtained during this License Manager session.

You are recommended to choose the Custom installation, and select the client module only. Easysooft will need to complete the offline licensing procedure as explained in Completing the offline licensing procedure. Refer to the section relevant to your platform to continue: Place the distribution file in a temporary directory on your Unix machine.


When you receive the license key, you can activate it either by double-clicking the email attachment or by clicking Enter License on the License Manager main screen and pasting the license key into the dialog box.

The Unix installation assumes you are, or have available for consultation, a system administrator. NB If you download a Unix file using Windows, the browser may corrupt the filename.

Not Sure What You Need?

Easysoft Data Access

Other trademarks and registered trademarks appearing on easysoft. This link is necessary for licensing to work. Accept the default [y] to start the licensing procedure. There will be a short delay while setup prepares the wizard to guide you through the rest of the install procedure before the Welcome dialog box is displayed: What to install The selection of components that you require to download in order to configure Easysoft Data Access for ISAM varies depending on the platforms on which you wish to run.

The Easysoft web site is available 24 hours a day at http: