Anyway – enabled sound in the BIOS and now have sound. The aliasing only happens with 5. Hi, Thanks for the fantastic help file, unfortunately it still doesn’t work for me. Also the sound in firefox sometimes starts stuttering and looping. I now have absolutely nothing left! Lovely job – just wanted to say thanks!

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Setting up alsa-base 1. I’m also new to Ubuntu, so I really don’t have any ideas. That makes it all worth it.

in trunk/source – a2

Then do sudo alsactl store 0 or if this etthernet your nth sound etehrnet where n is the number of soundcards in your computer replace 0 with n Full shut down with a few second pause, boot-no sound. It was a big log file. Also, it would be nice to know if I can improve my audio by switching somehow to the digital audio my card seems to be capable of.


You might look at http: Thanks to your guide, I was able to determine how to restore my sound I brought up ALSA Mixer from the terminal and turned all of the channels back up. I’ll be grateful for any help anyone can offer.

Would you use this site again?: Didn’t want to add something that I shouldn’t. All the controls are keyboard based, i. Somewhere on a post I read that on a new install the audio is muted in the mixer by default. Its details are located at: Not found in archive tar: But with it being out of commission at this very moment I am unable to get it for you.

When I go to search for the driver on the seperate website lists driver options for snd-hda-intel.

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I am new to linux. Could you give me the full output of this Terminal command? By the way, my sound card is a Yamaha DS-1 ymf I nearly had a heart attack from the shock alone. Fedora, Debian, Suse etc etc all have netbook remixes. I recently installed Kubuntu EMU10k1 rev 08 Subsystem: I hope i have posted in the right section. I am not very technical. Then I thought maybe it’s a flash or firefox problem.


Comprehensive Sound Problem Solutions Guide [Archive] – Page 8 – Ubuntu Forums

Hope this is of some use to others with this problem. Hi Hi, I’ve read through the first page of the topic and done the steps.

I now have absolutely nothing left! So I inserted a CD and started banshee. I do not know if the. I’m at a point ethernft I think I need a clean install.

Old post but for those searching Activate the medibuntu repositories https: Finally my PC got up to speed!