The Forums – and the Wiki – are back! If so, are they available? It is multi-mec capable,and is capable of I think.. I’ll work as fast as I can, but there is a lot to do and I, unfortunately, can’t work on this full time. Thanks Ron Report message to a moderator.

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I’m not sure why this happened. Fri, 15 May The ASIO driver is a separate project. I know it makes little ensobiq since it can be easily found floating around the community and we can’t exactly police what you say to each other via email, but one of the chilling effects of the DMCA is that the forums can’t involve themselves in hosting, linking or distributing it. I’ll be glad to post my configuration here as soon as I get back I am in LA right now but will pagis back by the weekend I was thinking that might be an improvement I sometimes get resource constrained with my current system.

You might find one of these boards still that have 3 PCIs. They gave me permission to write a new installer x; PARIS the original is 16 bit and won’t run under 64 bit windowsEdmund Pirali did his best to answer questions, and then things changed. Log in Become a member.


London Member For what it’s worth I looked into the compatibility issues of current chipsets which used bridged PCI vs slightly older systems that have genuine “native” PCI. Fill in the product description. May Senior Member Wich Version of driver is the 64bit one. C’tait ambicious a system has the era My OS is Windows 7 Professional 64 bit edition.

Maybe if enough people ask, they will deliver it.

64/32 bit driver,

There are some glitches especially on recognizing pace plugins but I have devised a way around that by answering no to everything and it will go ahead and load the pace programs. The control surface, the digital patchbay. I’ve been using a dual monitor so I was going to put in a graphics card that would allow me to continue to do that.

I love Paris and don’t want to switch to another program. First of all, I want to thank you for the time and effort you put into creating the drivers so that Paris will work with more advanced operating systems. Mon, 21 October Shoot a message to Mike, he’s still working very hard on the community’s behalf. After the stop of a production, there was a large enough user base to create a momentum around the product.


Voila, if anyone still use my console is available I would not get more than Quad core.

Ensoniq was in the audio and music from the early 80s, was designing DSP. Thanks so much for the kind words, guys. Euu then yes and no. I have the Paris 3. My current computer is enaoniq years old and parts are starting to go on me.

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Thanks again for everything you have done to keep this alive an kickin’. A bad taste for the stores that had made the effort to believe.

Thanks so much Ron! I agree, I suggest more of us email ID pars hopefully resolve this once and for all. Do not expect miracles from EQ or compressor. I was going to install a solid state hard drive for software and then a separate hard drive for music files.