Freiheit 1 Thank you for the great comments. However, when following this manual procedure to force it to load the NDIS 6. Pretty stumped about this. If there is any result from Novatel, please feel free to let us know. I had a webex this morning with Novatel, the device manufacturer to review the problem.

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Driver Easy uses cookies to provide you with better services. Things appear to be going well until the yellow exclamation point pops up and Windows alerts you that the driver installation failed. I am running Windows 7 bit on my PC. Actually, please explain it. He has obtained logs from the attempted driver installation and will review it and get back to me if he can determine what the specific problem is with why the device won’t start.

Click the link below to get to your interested part: Monday, March 7, 5: Then you might have to pay. I have it figured out!

Great post worked for me. I’m not looking to get this person in trouble, just possibly prevent something similar from happening again. Please go back and read the original post. We’re optimistic to get another webex going this week with the Novatel Engineers to see if anything can be done or rnndis we can get further on it.


It is very beneficial for other community members who have similar issues.

What would be the best way, from a zero-cost i. The person in question is a high level person so it is a little bit tricky. Is it free to use USB tethering? I think an option is to create, on the target machine, a script to monitor the PC network settings eg: The intro videos render fine.

USB Tethering with Windows XP :: Android | GeekLK

Please help, this is one of the most frustrating problems I’ve ever dealt with, and it seems to be a simple driver issue. Computers cannot receive updates if they are not connected to the local network updating from external update servers is not permitted. Can i access internet through the laptop? What rndiis USB tethering? After that, XCOM 2 will run smoothly. You can use Group Policy to prevent the installation of new network devices. It can’t be installed from anywhere.


This solution could be easy in a small network, but very difficult to implement in large network. EDIT in response to comment: On Linux it’s fine. Forgive me, this is long. Disconnect phone cable from computer, disable USB debugging on phone, then go through installation again.

It’s supposed to be plug and play. Dell nor Verizon really know what’s going on.

USB Tethering with Windows XP :: Android

Recently a user unplugged their company PC from the network and used USB tethering with their Android phone to bypass the rndsi network entirely and access the internet.

For any other case, I will tell like user DoktorJthat if they try to bring a big setup to bypass your security, they will be at risk to be fired directly. The driver begins installing.