A quarterly report of progress and plans for FreeBSD graphics will also be published. You will find Intel HD Graphics chips on many modern laptop and desktop systems that ship with an Intel processor. You are currently viewing LQ as a guest. Update to newer snapshot. That might result in removing some of the features that cgroups currently now provides. What I said was based on what I had read on forums, which loked like a commonly shared thought.

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So assuming that all servers will benefit from cgroups also shows a lack of “depth or breadth of experience in server environments. It also caused unrelated packages the X server and Mesa to be upgraded in lockstep, which should freebdd been unnecessary.

In the end, like I said, there was no need for an open source driver although regardless of performance, I hate closed-source and nokveau past I used nouveau on any platform, even FreeBSD in order to support volunteer porters. The wscons console driver is integrated with KMS. Unlike earlier times, where portability was considered virtuous, Lennart, RedHat, and a growing community of others openly discourage portability as a waste of time.

There is not enough developer time to do otherwise. Certainly that is the UNIX way?

Software which depends on, e. All of those things are on the radar for future work, as is updating to later versions of the Linux drivers, which “should not be too hard”, Herrb said. But if you are in the situation where you instead have many servers running the same application, then the overhead that cgroups impose on that application far outweigh any benefits they may provide.


Tigeot was never able to reproduce the results and suspects it only worked on the student’s hardware. Wayland is the replacement doing one thing, and doing it well.

DriDrivers – FreeBSD Wiki

D but a proprietary one does not exist. X series, drivers and fonts have been updated to the latest versions. While this may be your definition, I’m not sure that it’s everyone else’s. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. My current machine is amdgpu RX but other people have reported success with radeonkms.

There is also a perception in the BSD community that Linux is slowly drifting away from the traditional Unix model with projects like systemd and Wayland. As it went for sysvinit cross-kernel support so it can go with systemd.

FreshPorts — xdrivers/xfvideo-nouveau

I think it’s just a matter of priorities for developers, who have to put some effort into mantaining nuveau userland of their distro perfectly compatible with new Nvidia Drivers versions. Glad it’s been updated then, the mantainer is doing a great work. This package should be installed in addition to the drm-kmodmesa-libs and mesa-dri packages.

Very nouveak not the UNIX way of doing one thing and doing it well. You can test setting this sysctl knob which will prevent you from entering ddb on panic which has been found to unreliable in some circumstances: For now, it’s recommended to use the Nvidia OEM driver.


Org Foundation and Freedesktop. That scares some BSD users, he said. To enable graphics on systems with these GPU’s you would do the following: And because systemd is not now nor will ever be portable, not even the bits that aren’t Linux specific, that means the BSDs need to reimplement many of these components from scratch, or at least fork them, whereas once upon a time they could have ported and maintained them with comparative ease.

Not developed sincedeclared dead They let it in on the “well it has no effect if it’s compiled out” logic, and the lesson of cgroups is why they are shifting from that logic to requiring that a new feature have minimal effect if it’s compiled in, but not enabled. Follow us Blog Twitter Status page.

EOL in Januaryconsider moving to Bind 9. It is “much better” than the previous package management system and brings more up-to-date code with it e. The xorg project is a huge many-headed monster, which includes font management and the kitchen sink.