This driver is signed by Apple. FTDI drivers may be distributed in any form as long as license information is not modified. Now you need to find where you extracted the drivers from the file you downloaded above and point the software to the directory. Before you click on “Extract”, put a tick on “Show extracted files when complete”. Right click and choose “Save as” at column which corresponds to your OS. Left click on “Browse”, find a folder in which you extracted previously downloaded drivers. FTDI driver installation, Windows 7.

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Wwindows you click on “Next” icon, make sure that “Include subfolders” is selected. Now when everything is set, it is time to meet Arduino IDE and your first code. In other words I have 4 boards here right now. Please suggest some way to resolve this issue. Let’s get you some drivers. Next you have to install the port.

I got a new Nano module. There should be no yellow flags any more. The problem is related to the version of the board.


Now I’m unable to communicate with the Nano. Oct 1 is a bad day for many Nano’s. Look at my thread I just posted around the same time as you.

Here we can check the hardware which wasn’t installed properly. When I run the FTDI executable installation file it runs and I get two green check marks and a “Ready to use” status but still nothing works and the Hardware Manager still wnidows that the drivers are not installed Code I tested 3 nanos so far on Win7 x64 and WinXP x When connecting Croduino to PC when there aren’t any pre-installed drivers on it there is a message telling you that new hardware is found.

Winxows even tried loading older drivers. Conclusion It is meant to do this process only once. I successfully installed Arduino SW and developed sketches which I was able to load and execute early this year. For this stepyou’ll winxows administrative rights. Did Microsoft do a update? We do also write about hardware, electronics and different projects which you can read on our blog.

Unable to get FTR drivers loaded under Windows 7 64bit.


If you know which version of an OS you are using, skip steps 4. We love open source!

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Any suggestion on a solution would be greatly appreciated. I develop websites and content for websites related to high tech from around the world. Click on “Device Manager” in the left column.

Leave a comment Please wait Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. I let both computers do Windows updates automatically.

Virtual COM Port Drivers

Choose, and remember, a location in which you’re going to save your drivers. If you previously installed drivers which aren’t working, follow our tutorial about uninstalling FTDI drivers. Just tried mine again 1.

FTDI driver installation, Windows 7. The only thing that I know of that’s changed since I was successful early this year are the numerous Win 7 upgrades.