I then set input levels in the External mixer which showed it was receiving a signal on its LED meters. I only use the analog multitrack, I was very pleased. In addition, these outputs can be used as a synthesizer output or a separate monitoring channel. I tried to use it for a year and a half, but I give up, it really works more in the latest version of Tiger. Map the most complte I find this price! This feature is attractive because Windows native sounds can be routed there, and thus will not interfere with higher resolution recording applications output through the separate external box. For the rest read the other comments says it all

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I use an amp simulator Jonson J-station between the instrument and the card that I use as a preamp It worked well, with minimal latency and sounded great.

It ranges from simple vst noon to recording a live band!! To choose, or we do word processing with a copy of Office XP, or it makes music pro with pro hardware, and that goes with it.

It must be something about drums I guess because this was really fun to listen to. Mac and Linux compatibility. I had thought that the price differential between unbalanced and balanced jacks was minimal.

The last nickels – Are they often put day? A person already well-versed in DAW applications and hardware would have an easier time understanding the diagrams and explanations hlontech a beginner. Moreover, the language barriers revealed itself at times.


What can I say except that I do not regret my choice and I would do it again without hesitation. I do not like apart from problem to read Mac drivers: I particularly happy with the monitoring headphone jack. This may seem minor but it is very important to get the cable tightened securely on the PCI card. A colored virtual cable then appeared connecting the two.

Routing is handled via the External Mixer by calling up the XG DB I virtual box and clicking on the connections you wish to make, just like you would plug in real cables.

All user reviews for the Hoontech DSP24 + ADDA2000 / DSP2000 C-Port

A driver interface very easy to understand and use All the recordings sounded very good, evenly representing the full audio spectrum. I was going to forget boontech Hoontech also manages 32 midi channels.

I felt I had to mention that. The sound is adequate. Second, if you are using all the tracks and it is open it is very large, dominating the screen. Basically, I used a pull-down panel to select which virtual devices were represented in the panel. Teachers when I put the effects in Digital Performer quite heavy, but I guess it’s no card!

By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. What characteristics have motivated your choice? Perfect sound A large number of inputs and outputs which lets you use it to mix table well, everything is relative, do not expect an acoustic drum plug it A second routing selection results in a different colored connection cable and so on.


Hoontech describes the External Links as the heart of the system and they are right. I like him in general – Have you tried many other models before acqurir? For instance, you could hook an external sequencer as an external device and route its signal into a particular input, while monitoring a previously recorded audio track.

– – your best source for information on the Digital Audio Workstation.

I often return to the small between Stereo mini jack on the back of my G4 tower to record I do it again this choice without hsiter.

Hardware sample rate settings and ds2000 are done in the hardware window. Multitracking was a snap, I was able to change routings hooontech select which outputs I wanted to monitor in the External Links, easily and listen in real-time with the headphones.

The sound is good trs I work