Above the main keyboard are a few hardware buttons: The internal heat and frequency of the fan running on the T43 is largely dependent upon how many and what applications you are running and what the external environment temperature is. The antenna is built into the upper right corner of the screen, which allows for excellent wireless range. If you are looking for a well-made thin and light computer for work related tasks, then this computer will be nearly perfect for you. Ironically, Dell made the for all of six months before ending its production.

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Pros The best keyboard around, combined with TrackPoint navigation allows for easy use and input Tough case titanium reinforced plastic and rugged design, yet still thin-and-light Using finger scanner as a substitute for password logon makes for easy yet secure protection of your account.

NASA’s unmanned New Horizons spacecraft is closing in on its historic New Year’s flyby target, the most distant world ever studied, a frozen relic of xhipset solar system some four billion miles 6. Also, consider the fact that when you do use a very secure password, our feeble human mind is much more likely to forget that password. With the pointing stick the cursor goes exactly where you want it, and chipet it begins to act funny and not go where you want it to, simply let go and the machine recalibrates the pointing stick automatically.

The ThinkPad T43 comes preloaded with a variety of ThinkVantage Technologies that are designed to manage power consumption, simplify IT management, enable secure computing, and provide ease-of-use when connecting wirelessly.

In fact, there is a just slightly less than.

These metal hinges ensure that there is no screen wobble, even when on a turbulent plane ride. Pushing this key by default pops up the start menu in Windows. The Power Manager also includes additional power management features that let users create battery schemes tailored for their specific computing needs. Using the built-in IBM Access Connections application makes it very easy to find networks and manage various wireless connection profiles.


The premium you pay for purchasing an IBM computer is well worth it. The screen quality and brightness is middle of the road.

Think Express models of the IBM ThinkPad T43 and T43p notebook computers include a three-year

But this is not the case, it is in fact business as usual within the IBM PC division and Lenovo has no intentions to change the ThinkPad brand a whole lot because it would be foolish to tinker too much with a business unit that has g43p able to produce and support quality computer products for years now.

Each key ibmm full-size, and has real depth to it, so as to feel more like a desktop keyboard, and less like the flat, flexing keyboards common in other brands.

Great wireless range and features UltraBay provides option to easily put in an extra hard drive, different optical drive such as a DVD burner, or an extra battery. The whole thing is held together by a pair of sturdy metal hinges that attach the screen and main body of the laptop. Ghosting on the display a phenomenon in which fast motion on a screen causes streaks or trails of ghost images has not been an issue with this display, some T42 users reported such issues, especially on inch display models.

This laptop does generate a certain amount of heat under it, but not so much as to make it uncomfortable to use on your lap. The Super Pi program simply forces the processor to calculate Pi to a selected number of digits of accuracy. ThinkPad T43 left-side view larger image. The T43 can be configured with a built-in fingerprint reader on the right side to provide biometric security. Instead of blood pressure, temperature, and heart rate, the vital signs for a forest are captured in key traits such as the amount of nitrogen in a tree’s leaves, the leaf area, or the density of the wood.


With other laptops you can usually push on the back of the lid and get a worrying ripple effect on the LCD screen, the T43 protective case will prevent such a thing from happening. So far, the lack of firewire or extra USB ports has not hindered me in doing anything which I have wished to do, so none of this has been an issue for me. Hard drive firmware update Bootable diskettes – ThinkPad General ThinkPad T43 left-side view larger image.

IBM ThinkPad T43 Review (pics, specs)

What the ThinkPad T43 offers is new levels of security and control. All in all, I think it was a very good deal, as I more or less managed to get the benefits of an IBM laptop without paying the premium normally associated with them.

UltraNav driver for Windows NT 4. Ironically, Dell made the for all of six months before ending its production.

IBM ThinkPad T43

Overall, the IBM T43 is a remarkably good notebook, with very few issues and many positive extras to make up for them. Rescue and Recovery is a set of tools contained in an embedded, pre-boot emergency system, providing one-button relief from a broad range of common T433p problems, even if the main operating system already has been corrupted by a worm or virus.

Rescue and Recovery – Master boot chjpset repair kit Brightness and clarity on the T43 does not match the top screens out on the market today.

Client Security Solution v7.