Ian, I understand that, but if you follow that through, what did Magic put in the DDF concerning the file location. Where do I go from here???? We create the following table on the Oracle DB: In the combo box called “Files of type: He leads a team of analysts who cover a wide range of practices and technologies,

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We create the following table on the Oracle DB: Thank you very much in advance. What you might want to try is to put the full path and the file name in the file name column in Magic and then try creating your DDF’s again. Ian Whybrow Logistics Technologies Tired of missing calls while online?

Valhalla Partners – Art Marks Bio: DDF cannot contain anything of any use and may be trashed. Are you sure you wish to delete this message from the message archives of main magicu-l.


I always needed a DDF editor.

Then the Rows are filled with values as follows: In the Preview Window, we insert 3 Rows. Search Only Within This Topic. Have you tried the same using another front-end tool and the intersolb ODBC driver? Reason Report to Moderators I think this message isn’t appropriate for our Group. Website Built Using Michaelcottam. This cannot be undone.

And what is C5? DDFs are, themselves, Btrieve files.

But I think it works that way. See related articles to this posting. Tom toggle quoted message.

Many application, including Powerdesigner, ship a limited driver that works only with that application.

System Column Case Flag Inconsistency.

Installing and Configuring Merant ODBC Drivers

Don’t worry about the ‘. If so, what magic displays and what is stored may not be the same That way i could get some working DDF’s. The whole thing ge I answered this in another section.

Create datasource with PB Intersolv 3. Subject of the new topic: Is a Build code only for the Enterprise version of PB? Your email is included with the abuse report. System Column Data Type Inconsistency.


Installing and Configuring Merant ODBC Drivers

We create a Datawindow tabular which can update the table. Will Access recognize the 2 or more btrieve files simply by importing the DDFs??? Well it isn’t of course because it lacks the. I have not worked with making DDF’s from Magic before so I do not know how it handles logical names included in the file name or if it looks at the database name and goes to the trouble of interpreting it to find where the file is actually located. Tuesday, February 29, 8: