You can either do this from the advanced volume interface in Windows or from the mixer within Virtual DrumX. At least, superb job, I use it with FL Studio and asio4all and it rocks! Comment by Jonnybull — January 30, Setting the button7 to output a midi note which will trigger a pad with volume set to 0 will effectively choke the cymbol. Comment by mak — October 15, WhatDrum Whatdrum is the world’s social networking hub for drummers and percussionists and the drum

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Comment by Jonnybull — January 30, Comment by chip — October 18, Its already configured in cubase sx 3 with the lm7 drum module.

I mean, i hit it once and it plays the sample three times. Using cut groups, i assume most software would impliment something similar where one pad will cut the output of another. I recently purchased the ION iED05 drum kit, despite having seen a number of reviews that stated that it had no capability outside of the software — and therefore drum samples — supplied with the kit.


Recently purchased the IED05 kit minus the software which I really ie0d5 not interested in anyway. You mentioned ASIO which reduces, even makes delay disappear.

I have a problem.

Comment by despaniard — Max 11, It all hinges on whether Windows will register two drum kits in the game controller applet. With Acala Video mp3 Ripper, you will be able to make your own favorite music from huge of internet movies! Which is a mess Anyone have this problem or kno what im doing wrong?! Comment by Henry Rody — March 14, There seems to be even more of a lag when using with Cakewalk Uon Creator, than the provided software with the drums — anything I cn do to alter this?

Many MIDI programs show a meter that will help you.

Multimedia Creation Tools Producer: Will let you know when I’ve made some progress John Comment by John — March 11, After all, they ARE digital drums…lol. Another option is to edit midi drum channel 10 settings to simulate a choke to cut the hi hat pedal sound.

Fourthyou need some MIDI capable software. Sounds too good to be true, but I can now use Kontakt, with all the effects I want, with a regular mc.


» Using the ION iED05 USB Drum Kit with MIDI capable software

Iwd05 Past Audio Converter Pro 7. River Past Audio Converter 7. Just incase anyone is interested. Comment by Alexander — March 11, Magicpete 22 March at Now my problem is the latency issue.

Logic Pro Help

For example, when it says to move your joystick on the x axis, hit the red drum a few times in a range from soft to very hard. Why do they state it works iln it bloody doesn’t Comment by Daniel — May 9, 6: Is there a way I can use it without the software or is it possible to download the software? Comment by Adrian — January 19, 1: I suppose the software CD that comes with the drum kit is broken.