We may have a few left, check below. These are not available in as described. Larger parts for this printer may be listed below. Macintosh Portable 68k-based PowerBooks series series series PowerPC -based PowerBooks c c c. The VC coined the term “desktop publishing” during this time. Nevertheless I wrangled this puppy from a suburban Massachusetts garage back to the VMM, blew out the dust, hooked it up via LocalTalk phone connectors, and printed out a few pages.

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Hard to find, many of these are damaged before I get them. Comes with all cables and trays. March 27, at 7: Laserwriter II Laserwrtier power supplyused good.

We have a few of these in stock. September 23, at 2: Imagewriter laserwrter IW II ribbons: In most cases, such RAM was fixed in size laserwwriter was soldered to the logic board. As a potential destination for disposing of old, unwanted Apple crap — err, I mean bt Curator of the Vintage Mac Museum — I am contacted fairly regularly by folks who are looking for good homes for their old equipment.


Worked once but too little interest to maintain or test this printer. Check this Apple Web link for some info about this program. Estimated shipping weight 10 lbs. There are some good services out there, they will cost you money for parts and labor. This unit is easily removed, just four screws at ends. I have the following LaserWriter II controllers.

Parts like controllers or power supplies are available: We no longer carry these printers. If anyone has a solution please email me rolling rogers.

LaserWriter IINT: Technical Specifications

StyleWriter inkjet printer. Fast forward a few months, and a job comes in to Oakbog involving Microsoft Word v3 files with a combination of English and Ukrainian text. These are mostly used, some previously tested if unused I’ll say so. Sales of the non-networked product were unsurprisingly poor. Uses HP Laserjet 4 type toner cartridges, still available. Slowly and methodically I printed out about pages of Ukrainian text.

For selecting a printer to buy, printer features, connecting the printer to your computer, or a network, or other common questionscheck my Mac FAQ. Postscript, dpi with serial, parallel and Ethernet capability, handles 11 inch wide paper. This links to a text page list of my currently available Imagewriter and Lawerwriter II printers. It simply died on me one day, after having worked flawlessly for years.


The Apple Laserwriter II NT

Macintosh computers functioned equally well with any Postscript printer. Twenty years after it was manufactured the thing still worked, albeit laserwrirer a few creaks and groans.

Too bad my model was the one with only serial. There is a small fan on top of it, in a black case with black filter.

They may require a little coaxing to get started. Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland January 30, at These printers are very reliable, readily repaired and strongly built.

Apple hardware since