October 31, at 2: I even tried using a different USB, still no difference. If you want to be anonymous you can use Tails, a Debian base distro that uses Tor for anonymous browsing. You can add and store your online accounts on it. Menuet is not a linux distro. Chris, thank you for the wonderful feedback.

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Or it might have a partition for your programs, and another for your documents and files. Why am I currently obsessing over these cheap dongles, which many have come to regard as fundamentally obsolete? How to Install Ubuntu The GParted Live CD is a simple Linux distro you can use to change the size of your partitions — or wipe a drive entirely.

Well, I repair PCs and I use to keep in my pocket a multiboot USB with tons of tools which can help me to solve most of the problems I face almost every day. I don’t think the storage medium would affect how fast the desktop environment works. Once you have created required partitions on Main USB drive. Another plus has been that packaged Chrome apps like Google Keep are in the menus and easily added to the launcher dock.


But for older PC or low end, this are ones to install use puppy is just so ugly. You will get a small window showing devices and drive which will be affected.

LinuxLive USB Creator

Klaus Knopper is the IT Einstein of the 21st century — hans-down —. Root partition of format ext4 of size according to your use. I am an unashamed ‘Puppy’ fanboi!!

linuxfou Any idea what may be causing this? Run xwin, fails to boot, says to re-run, I do, still doesn’t work. Antivirus is the type of thing where you want to pick a product and commit to it, so as to avoid causing problems. I still keep a ‘Puppy on a stick’, though, and take it everywhere with me.

MX ended up being the easiest, fastest, best looking and easily configurable distro I’ve tried. How to overcome the problem. Thus DSL ubs capable of performing browsing web, write documents, manage files, play music, manipulate images and all other things a basic computer does. Chris, thank you for the linuxfiru feedback.

Can you please help me fix the boot? For the longest while, Puppy Linux has been seen as little more than a curiosity. If you want to be anonymous you can use Tails, a Debian base distro that uses Tor for anonymous browsing.


7 Best Portable Linux Distro to Boot and Run from USB | Mashtips

What would happen if you put a stick formatted like this in a Windows machine? Read Morewhich is an increasingly common feature on laptops. I agree with the statement about MX Linux. Be careful when you do it to avoid installing anything to the hard drive, make sure the “drive to install bootloader” or linuxfou like that is set to the USB.

7 Best Portable Linux Distro to Boot and Run from USB

Debian live it’s a good choice too. From time, you might need to modify these partitions to either resize them, or wipe them entirely. But you have alternatives. I use a USB with Ubuntu Have you tried Qubes OS? Installer welcome screen will appear, select Language there and hit Continue.

Hence applications from that distro can also be run in DSL.