This is WITH video: Please tell me why it’ a good thing to suppress one’s honest opinion in some attempt at phony politeness that is far from truthful or accurate. SDL audio driver is “dsp” Also, now I’m curious: Last edited by enorbet; at I’ve got sound in Et Ubuntu 7. Is there any way to remove the latest update??

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I can have dragonplayer play simultaneous with audacious playing different music.

SDL SoundBank

I found the following post as a neverball bug but it might be a good clue: I’m going to check if it works propertly and post here the results. Please visit this page to clear all LQ-related cookies. puulse

I looked up to my SDL files, and it seems that there are no such files there! Amarok is a KDE media player.

Ubuntu is sweet and windows sucks! Ok I understand, I’m not talking about spoofing this information but just to show the real one wchich is generated by ET.

Try compiling, and pressing the 1 and 2 keys to here some sounds. The problem concerning this bug should be solved in the latest upstream version. Assuming you are using a shell script to configure wmii, add a line like loaing to you local wmii startup script: Use the asoundconf utility Bug attachments output of alsa-info.


[HOWTO] SDL sound (read: ALSA) support for Enemy Territory [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

Please make sure to test with this new SDL build and not the current system-installed library! If you want to make the PulseAudio driver the default, use something like this in the ALSA configuration files or see below for a better method that avoids using ‘!

While there is now a version of Jack that will function with Puleaudio they’ve had to leave out function I prefer to keep and I NEED Jack or I’m back to regular dual-booting to Windows, something I have been happily free from for over 5 years. Ok, so I changed the script to reflect what you posted, it’s now exactly the same.

Anyway, it still doesn’t work and I’ve messed thing up a little bit more. Elite, sound works well too – there’s no need to run etrun. Then simply add a PulseAudio output to your mpd.

Eugenia Loli-Queru eloli wrote on Total sample cache size: It is time to get fixed.

[SOLVED] Another Slackware user with PulseAudio problems – Page 2

If you plan running pulseaudio in the system-wide modethen the special user “pulse” should still be in the “audio” group in order to have access to the sound card.

Just had to change the script where it says “libSDL. The first run will produce an error, that’s okay, it’s just a sanity check. It aims to maintain a small and clean read hackable and beautiful codebase. Since I build the kernel from source I get any new patches,etc for alsa with no need to muck about with seperate alsa driver installs for my hardware.


However, there is a trick.

The Perfect Setup

Audacity doesn’t support PulseAudio, nor Esound for the moment. I later realized that was because the OSS was in use, sounv running it again when it wasn’t being used was successful.

Find More Posts by Richard Cranium. Zattoo is an ALSA application and should have worked using the above description, but it continues to produce short clicking sounds every 2 to 5 seconds.

This is likely to cause less issues than the configuration block above, especially on systems where the ‘Analog’ card is not recognized as ‘card 0’ by the bios. I posted this first to gentoo forums but then tought that ubuntu users could also find this useful Post as a guest Name.