Home Help Search Login Register. We do not publish internal correspondence and I am sure you would understand this. No, create an account now. ProgHead Experienced Member Posts: That said I have only found one such box, the Mavis Mediabox www. A lot of faith as been given to Mede8er. I mean that Mede8er just interrupt Hdmi communication betwen other devices.

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Yes, my password is: Maybe solution to this is to use bypass Mede8er’s Hdmi trough a Hdmi switch or anothe similar device, but this can mediabpx other problems. Reading all posts from here i get conclusion that is more about Hdmi break line communication when Mede8er get in any chain of devices. You will read it in every manual of TVs or other equipment that supports this.

By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Vic SinghOct 2, We will release and new SDK shortly and maybe we will see some changes so lets wait and see. We have no control on what Realtek does with this information so I dont know what you are implying.


Mevis MediaBox Travel NTD25HD Firmware 2.26 User Guides

Has anyone had any experience with the Mavis box? A small brand like Mede8er will not pull that off Like Maasbommel, i also ask my self, at what kind of issue is about in this topic.

Page created in 0. Hello all, We’re moving and with it the wife wins round 1 of the living room wars. Who is askingwould you not agree that a detailed response is in order after some 12 months.

Sep 30, at 5: Nov 5, Messages: Mede8er1 Administr8or Hero Member Posts: They advise to switch it off when it gives problems between when connecting other brands. They advise to switch this feature off when it gives problems. Also found the following but no images of their screen based interfaces.

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Emdiabox 2, at 2: I really don’t embrace idea of cutting 13th pin of Hdmi cable. Dec 7, Messages: So asking Mede8er for a solution is not really feasible, but more the big brands should agree and implement some standard that is working between all brands Well – it sucks, many photos have this character inside.


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Its very possible that Mede8er send a non-pilot signal who mask all other signals. How have you supported the unfortunate in this matter and can you publish what you have said to Realtec? ProgHead Experienced Member Mediabod Only current known workarounds for this: Not the best solution but I will live with it for now.

Rapsody don’t do wifi and HDMI yet. Please login or register. I have the impression when reading the different post in this topic that there is some difference in interpretation Instead of cutting 13th jevis i’ll better use component output connection. No, create an account now. You must log in or sign up to reply here.