Sure, you can pay about the same to get on the waiting list for a 1Gb iPod Shuffle , and there are plenty of other options in the same price range that also have much more storage than the Mobiblu player. The controls on an old cassette player should still work since the spindles of this ‘cassette’ are geared together so as not to fool clever players into thinking a tape has jammed or broken. Although there’s no display on the main unit apart from a small flashing LED, the included cable remote with clothing clip can be plugged in providing a simple LCD display along with ‘tape’ and volume control buttons. Dedicated geeks will, at a glance, recognise the class of gadget into which the Mobiblu DAH fits. Your trust is our top concern.

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Un-adjustable cassette adapters, including some cassette-shaped MP3 players, give terrible results with some decks. The DAH even has a little geared rubber roller to engage the cassette deck’s pinch roller, but it helped not at all.

This mogiblu sound terrible, but it doesn’t sound great, either. Note, for your dealer – searching convenience, that there’s also a DAH version of this player, which seems to be so similar to the DAH that Mobiblu never bothered a separate product page for it.

If your car or in your home there’s mkbiblu has a perfectly good, but unused, cassette player, then this little device will not only make it useful again, but extend its capability several fold.

Mobiblu DAH Manuals

The DAH’s record capabilities may or may not be of any interest to you, but it certainly covers all the bases. It’s got a belt clip on the back, and holes that more or mobiglu line up with the buttons.

Cassette adapter sound fidelity isn’t as good as a direct cable connection to the pre-amp, but they generally adh quite a lot better than the common alternative – a flea-power FM transmitter that you strap onto your sound source, then tune the car radio to. On the subject of things that can turn your player into a paperweight, if you want to format either player, you need to use a special mobjblu that comes with them.


The wire for the mohiblu comes out of a corner nearest the opening of a car cassette deck and any other deck with a slot-load design ; you can use adapters in regular cassette decks as well, but may have to snip a bit out of the door to let the wire through.

Brand Manager for Mobiblu?

MobiBLU DAH Reviews –

Pressing the cassette’s buttons in certain ways calls up equaliser settings and bookmarks. That’s about where the generic MP3 player feature set stops, though. If you’re wondering whether your vehicle’s tape deck will work right with the DAH, it’s easy enough to find out. And, unlike the bad old days when digital cameras and MP3 players could only talk to computers through some piece of proprietary software, the modern versions all work as USB Mass Storage Devices; you just plug ’em into a current Windows PC or Mac or, probablyLinux box and they turn up as a removable drive.

This is exactly what happened when I tried the Mobiblu player in my car cassette deck; the deck wouldn’t play, fast-forward or rewind, so I couldn’t use the track-skip feature. If you want to see how you’re supposed to operate the Mobiblu player, feel free to check out the PDF-format manual, here if only for the helpful warnings.

Both players have a little clicky slider that lets you adjust the horizontal position of the heads, to line them up accurately with the heads in a given cassette deck not a new feature.

Voice notes mobbilu recorded as 32 kilobit per second AD PCM files, which gives you about 18 hours of voice-note space in the DAH’s player’s internal memory, if you don’t put anything else there.

The clincher, here, is that the DAH’s not mmobiblu expensive, for what it is. On-line firmware updates ceased. But the headphone output is quite clean and strong, and the FM tuner works fine; if that’s all you want in the headphone-player department, it’ll pass.

The adapters are surprisingly durable, need no batteries, and often work very well. Mobiblu’s page for the DAH Both players have an exceedingly minimal interface – four buttons including two two-way rocker switchesone tiny bi-colour LED green and mobibl on the Digisette, blue and red on the Mobiblu They also both run from the same standard rectangular “gum stick” NiMH battery, and come with Your trust is our top concern.


Normal humans will need some further explanation. They don’t necessarily sound great their bundled headphones are invariably craptacularand they can have a hard time driving proper headphones, toobut they’re so cheap that a lot of people go out to buy a USB “thumb drive” and end up coming home with one that can also play music.

Mobiblu DAH-220 MP3 player

Talking in a normal voice from a foot or two away from the DAH gives a da clear result, ddah of the orientation of the player. Sure, you can pay about the same to get on the waiting list for a 1Gb iPod Shuffleand there are plenty of other options in the same price range that also have much more storage than the Mobiblu player.

Was this review helpful? Instead of just one album of music on a regular tape cassette, you can have scores of favourite albums on possibly a 2GB card.

MobiBlu DAH-220 Manuals

Most cassette-shaped MP3 players have cassette-adapter type spindles; they’re connected to nothing but each other via a gear or two, and their only purpose is to stop cleverer tape decks from freaking out sah what appears to be a broken tape. The Mobiblu player can also record from the radio; when it does, it fixes its volume setting, again mohiblu avoid clipping. If they spin, you’re very probably going to have no problems with a DAH; if not, you’ll only be able to use the basic play mode.