The new Moto is entering a much more crowded field than the original did last year. Since it’s running Android Wear, using the Moto is like using any other Android-based watch. And, more importantly, does it improve in the areas where last year’s model failed? The last hardware change here is by far the most important: The women’s case has the same choices albeit with a different “micro cut” textured pattern option for the bezel , but Motorola swapped out the black color option for rose gold. It’s foolish of Motorola to sell a watch and tout its activity-tracking features without offering a band suited for use during exercise.

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The 46mm Moto now features a mAh battery, up from the mAh on the last model.

Moto 360 review (2015): More than just good looks this time around

The Moto looks nearly identical to its predecessor. And, more importantly, does it improve in the areas where last year’s model failed? We want to hear what you think.

The competition The new Moto is entering a much more crowded field than the original did last year. In the real world, this meant I could comfortably use the Moto all day, with plenty of power left motorolw I finally went to bed. Pros Lots of customization options Design hardware and screen are all improved Solid battery life.

Since you’re only glancing at the watch for a few seconds at a time, it’s passable, although there are other watches with more impressive screens. As such, it’s worth noting what the Moto can and cannot do when paired with an iPhone.


Motorola Moto 360 46mm (2nd gen)

Perhaps the smartest design change Motorola made was to offer the new Moto in two different sizes: From around the web. Most of these apps were focused around quick interactions for things you’ll want to do frequently as they should bebut sometimes the feature sets felt just a little too limited. Hardware and display While 36v0 Moto looks largely the same as its predecessor, Motorola gave the internals a significant upgrade. There’s still a side button, but Motorola moved it up from the center of the case.

The Moto made a huge splash when motrola was introduced alongside Android Wear some 18 months ago. Unfortunately, basically all other deep app integration is gone. The 42mm case has a 1. Both models feature a higher resolution than last year’s Motoand in usage motrola are noticeably sharper. For example, Wunderlist only shows items that are in your “Inbox”; any other list you might have will be inaccessible.

I still charged the Moto nightly, but the good news is that I basically never had to worry about the battery running low, which is the best you can expect from a smartwatch. Talking to your phones and watches has come a long way in the last few years, but it’s hardly bulletproof at this point — not a knock against Motorola, exactly, but Android Wear is so reliant on your voice that the whole platform feels a bit less useful when the device doesn’t hear me shouting “OK Google” at it.

Moto review (): More than just good looks this time around

It definitely absorbs sweat rather than motoeola it, and it’s also far less comfortable than a more sport-appropriate band would be. Considering where my finger naturally rests when I touch the side of the watch, this feels like a smart change.


The Moto improves over its predecessor in many meaningful ways: Motorola is working on a special Moto designed for athletesbut that doesn’t change the fact that the company positions fitness tracking as a main feature of this watch. The display has also been refreshed: Setup is simple and essentially identical to the process on an Android phone — you download the iOS Android Wear app to your iPhone, pair over Bluetooth and then you’re off and running.

Moto review 15 Photos There’s a smaller 42mm option as well as the same 46mm case that last year’s model was based on. If you’re a fan of Android Wear, this is probably the best option out motorolaa — but it comes at a higher cost than last year.

If you use the company’s services religiously, you’ll get more useful info out of Google Now pushed to your watch. Unfortunately, based on my testing, the lags far behind the Apple Watch for tracking your fitness. Fortunately, the appears to do a reasonably accurate job tracking your heart rate and steps. The model I tested had a 46mm silver case, gold bezel and brown leather strap. From there, you’ll still get the notifications from your phone mirrored on your Motoand you’ll also receive Google Now info, provided you log in with your Google account.