Build does not need modding for full support. This is provided by Lenovo: It’s much better to go directly to the manufacturer of the device in question, in this case, to Realtek. It will install audio driver automatically after computer restarted. Windows 10 now supported. Help us by reporting it.

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Run this command in a rraltek Setup Driver for the first time WindowsXP: Click “Next” to remove the original audio driver in your system.

MS Realtek HD Audio Codec Driver for Windows 10 Driver – TechSpot

Once after the original driver removedreboot the computer. Next install lucid or maverick and if no audio then the likely entry in alsa-base. Get tech support here. Your ALSA information is located at http: Same goes with display drivers etc! At the end of the procedure, select to restart the system and press [Finish] to complete the uninstallation. realfek


Sorry I can’t give more specific info, but each machine msj different and the possibilities are any on that list. If the Windows popup “Windows can’t verify the publisher of this driver software” message, press “Install this driver software anyway” to continue the installation.

I would just like to control the captured audio with the Line-In slider only and have a Wave output for just the wave sounds.

That involves quite some work! Select [Programs and Features] icon. It’s not terribly difficult, but yes it takes some time for sure.

A good place to go for latest drivers is station-drivers. Use the alsa-info-script to provide detailed information. There is also the “auto” option at the end of the list and it’s pretty much just trial and error.

Is it from the CD or Nvidia? I seem to be having similar audio problems and agree with you about the lack of info on the audio setup. It’s much better to go reatlek to the manufacturer of the device in question, in this case, to Realtek.


Found a bad link? OK just a question after you are finished installing Win 8. Thx Lidex its working Now: From terminal type gconf-editor 4.

Windows 10 now supported.

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Kindly help me to resolve this issue. Follow Step 2,3,4 described in [Setup at first time] above to complete the procedure. From vikrang suggestion, I reached at point 6 but after that i did not understood what to do? WindowsXP Step 1. I used Linux Mint It will install audio driver automatically after computer restarted.

Click on [Yes] to finish the uninstallation.

Here is the specs: Meanwhile if the results below would be of any help in sorting out the problempl do let me know lspci -v grep -i audio