This doesn’t look like a valid MDB2 version number. On Wednesday 16 September , Lorenzo Alberton said something like: Sign up using Email and Password. Mysqlnd Query Cache Monitor phpphp-mysqlnd. Package shipping basic build configuration rh-mysqllz4. What, exactly, did it not find?

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MySQL client programs and shared libraries rh-mysqlmysql-bench. I have tried the epel release, the remi mysqlli, rpmfind, and still am unable to find it and install it. On Thursday 17 SeptemberLorenzo Alberton said something like: MDB2 then it’s not bad, but you may be opening two connections to the same database while only one could be necessary.

Anyone find a solution to this yet? I’ve enabled the php extension mysqli and created a mysqli MDB2 object with factory.

Package that installs rh-mysql57 rh-mysqlmysql. Files for development of MySQL plugins mysqlmysql-libs. MySQL plugin for collectd dmlite-plugins-mysql.


package php70-mysqli not found

Thu Oct 15, 1: A validating SQL lexer and parser with a: MySQL back end for dovecot dpm-copy-server-mysql.

Package that installs rh-mysql56 rh-mysqlmysql.

A community developed branch of MySQL mariadbmariadb-libs. Be aware that if you start mixing both connections in your code, you can get confused quickly when it comes to maintenance. Can you post the error message that you’re seeing about that PHP module?

Package shipping basic build configuration rh-mysqlmysql-config. Sign up using Email and Password. MySQL benchmark scripts and data rh-mysqlmysql-common. Documentation for rubygem-mysql2 root-sql-mysql. MDB2 only has versions that begin with 2. Mon Sep 21, 7: I still guess that this is the problem.

Debian — Details of package php-mdb2 in stretch

Anyone have any pointers? A validating SQL lexer and parser with a focus on: Development library for lz4 rh-mysqlmecab.

Wed Oct 07, MySQL database access functions phpphp-pecl-mysql-xdevapi. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Mysqlnd Query Cache Monitor phpphp-mysqlnd. Can you post the code you are using, and find where the error is triggered both in your code and in MDB2?


MySQL database access functions phpphp-mysqlnd. The mentioned manual page “fetch” also tells you have to count the rows in the result object. Cause I’m dead in the water now. MySQL lookup support for Exim freeradius-mysql.

However I do not get a normal result or any rows.